Heart Healthy

Things to Do Daily to Keep Your Heart Healthy

A healthy lifestyle can make your heart healthier. Making small changes in your habits can make a real difference to you lifestyle. Here, we have listed some habits that you can follow to keep your heart healthy.

Best Heart Healthy Tips 

Heart Healthy

  • Quit Smoking: Smoking is one of the main causes of coronary heart diseases. Quit the smoking if you are a smoker. It is actually the best thing you can do for your heart. Your risk of a heart attack falls to about half that of smoker, after a year of giving up.
  • Manage your blood cholesterol: Cholesterol is a fatty substance carried in your blood. Your blood needs cholesterol to be healthy, but an imbalance of cholesterol in your blood can lead to a heart attack or stroke.
  • Get enough sleep: In one study, young and middle-age adults who slept 7 hours a night had less calcium in their arteries than those who slept for 5 hours or less or those who slept 9 hours or more. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night, or if you don’t feel refreshed after a full night in bed, talk to your doctor about changes you can make to help Heart Healthy.
  • Eat healthy fats, not Trans-fats: Trans-fats are industry-produced fats often used in packaged baked goods, snack foods, margarines and fried fast foods to add flavor and texture. They are known to increase your risk of developing heart disease or having a stroke over a lifetime. This is because trans-fat clogs your arteries by raising your bad cholesterol levels and lowering your good cholesterol levels. By cutting them from your diet, you improve the blood flow throughout your body.
  • Workout: Do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week or at least 30 minutes of activity on five days a week. Getting and staying active can reduce the risk of developing heart disease. It can also be a great mood booster and stress buster.
  • Maintain the body weight: Maintaining a healthy weight can help in reduction of the heart disease and other major heart problems. Stick to a healthy & balance diet low in fat and sugar.
  • Sex activity: Sexual Activity may add more than just pleasure to your life. It can also help in lowering the blood pressure and risk of heart disease. As per the research published in the American Journal of Cardiology, a lower frequency of sexual activity is associated with higher rates of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Regular check of Blood Pressure: High blood pressure can damage the artery walls and can create scar tissue. That makes it harder for blood and oxygen to get to and from your heart. The heart has to pump harder and gets worn out faster. If it can’t get enough oxygen, parts can start to die. Get your blood pressure checked every 3-5 years if you’re 18-39 and if you are 40 or older, check it every year.
  • Maintain good dental hygiene: As per some studies, the bacteria in the mouth involved in the development of gum disease can move in to the blood stream and can cause an elevation in C-reactive protein, a marker for inflammation in the blood vessels. These changes may in turn, increase your heart disease and stroke.
  • Eat more fiber for Heart Healthy: Eat plenty of fiber which can result in the reduction of risk of heart disease. Eat fiber from a variety of sources such as bran, oats, whole meal bread, potatoes with their skin on, fruits and other vegetables.
  • Mental health: Mental problems such as depression can be a greater risk of heart disease. Depression is more than feeling sad or low. If you feel depressed for more than two weeks, talk to your doctor, a family member or someone you know well.
  • Laughing: You may have heard that laughing is the best medicine. Whether you like watching funny movies or cracking jokes with your friends, laughter may be good for your heart. As per the AHA, laughing can help in lowering the stress hormones, decrease inflammation in your arteries, and raise your levels of high-density lipoprotein, also called as ‘good cholesterol’.
  • Don’t sit for too long at one time: In recent years, research has suggested that staying seated for long periods of time is bad for your health no matter how much exercise you do. Further, sitting for longer periods of time increases tour risk of deep vein thrombosis (a blood clot). As per many experts, it is important to move throughout the day.
  • Drink less alcohol: Alcohol contains calories. Regularly drinking more than the NHS recommends can have a noticeable impact on your waistline. Try to keep to the recommended daily alcohol limits to reduce the risk of serious problems with your health, including risks to your heart health.
  • Reduce salt intake: Salt is one of the leading drivers of rising healthcare costs in the United States. Processed and restaurant-prepared foods tend to be especially high in salt. Watch out for high levels in the ready-made foods. Adults should eat less than 6g of salt a day in total.
  • Eat chocolate for Heart Healthy: Dark chocolates contains heart-healthy flavonoids. They help in reducing the inflammation and lower your risk of heart disease.
  • Consider owning pets: Pets offer more than good company and unconditional love. As per the studies reported by the National Institutes of Health, owning a pet pay help in improving your heart and lung function. It may also help in lowering your chances of dying from heart disease.


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